Magnetic Trolley

General Information:

Magnetic trolley is suitable to weld horizontal fillet joint. Welding magnetic trolley equipment can automatically seam track to horizontal fillet joint with guide arm & roller. Operator can start & stop the carriage traveling & welding by push button. When there are some obstacle in front of carriage, the end limit switch will stop carriage traveling and welding automatically. This machine is lighter and more compact than conventional 1-torch welding carriage with powerful hauling force, because it is equipped with magnet block inside the machine. One operator is able to control several carriage, so can rise a productivity, and a semi-skilled worker can weld excellently with This welding carriage.


A. Usable Welding Joint This mini welding carriage can used for horizontal fillet welding, only applicable in case of welding line is straight or minimum work pass radius is over 3m.


This machine is not suitable to butt joint, in that case, you need some guide rail for carriage welding seam tracking When used on non magnetic plate, carriage hauling force is very low so, carriage traveling will be unstable.