Welding Automation

Welding Positioner

General Information:

Warpp light duty welding positioners are available in 50 kilogram load carrying capacity. Welding positioner suitable to weld circular jobs with clear and well design. Welding can be mounted on the face plate or additional chuck can be used.

Welding Oscillators

General Information:

Welding oscillators are fully digital microprocessor controlled. Stepper motor is used for precision. Provision is made to set the home position. Left, right and center dwelling time, Weaving width & weaving speed can be digitally set and displayed digitally. Welding oscillator has 10 memory channels to store the data.

Column & Boom

General Information:

The Column & Boom is used as a welding manipulator when welding of shells is carried out. These column & booms can be of fixed column type or revolving column type. They are available in different dimensions.