Broach Cutter

Magnetic Drilling Machine

A Magnetic Drilling Machine is a portable drilling machine attached to a magnetic stand. Broachcutter Magnetic Drilling Machines are designed to use HSS & TCT Core Drills for drilling on steel structures, plates and pipes.
Broachcutter Magnetic Drilling Machines have unique design of drill motor body and slide integrated into single cast and machined body part. This unmatched feature offers advantage of increased cutter life ( Upto 150% ) and fewer chances of break downs compared to most other Magnetic Drilling Machines using nut-bolt joints.

Cutter & Arbors

Broachcutter offers HSS & TCT cutters in sizes ranging from diameter 12mm to 65mm in HSS & diameter 12mm to 150mm in TCT. Depth of cuts on length on cutters available are 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm. Broachcutter Core Drills are suitable for drilling in mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel & non-ferrous materials. Broachcutter Core Drills are available in weldon shanks or universal shanks for use with magnetic drilling machines of various brands. Broachcutter annular cutters can be used with radial drill machines and one touch magnetic drill machines with special arbors.

Hydraulic Punching Machines

BroachCutter Portable Hydraulic Punching Machines Model Tusker is the fastest way of making holes and slots in beams, flanges, angles, channels, plates and bar stock. Tusker has punching time as low as 5 seconds and work without noise, chips and coolant making it most neat and tidy way of making holes in steel. 10,000 PSI (700 Bar) Double Acting design minimizes cycle times coupled with compact design and portability. Tusker Portable Hydraulic Punching Machine generates 47 tons of punching pressure sufficient to make upto 27mm diameter holes and 18X25mm slots in 16mm thick mild steel.